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Bathroom Designs

February 7, 2013 richaarora 0

What is a bathroom? A bathroom is basically a place meant for personal hygiene of person and it may contain a shower, a bathtub, a […]

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75th Birthday

January 27, 2013 richaarora 0

Birthday! I just love it. Love to celebrate it with and for the people I am close to. My grandmother will be 75 years old […]

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25th Birthday Ideas

January 24, 2013 richaarora 0

Oh! Birthday, my favourite day! Apparently it is believed that everybody likes his or her birthday and the celebrations related to it. And why shouldn’t […]

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Birthday Invitations

January 21, 2013 Prasad 0

Wow! I just got a birthday invitation from my best friend. I really love birthday parties. Cake, candles, decorations, gifts, dance! Everything amuses me a […]