happy_75th_birthday_with_magic_blue_flower_cards-p137358181870526335b2wgi_400Birthday! I just love it. Love to celebrate it with and for the people I am close to. My grandmother will be 75 years old soon and believe it or not, I am so excited that she will be completing a platinum birthday of her life. I have even started making plans for her 75th birthday. I really love my grandmother and wish she lives as long as she could with proper health.

75th birthday has its own significance in one’s life. The person at this stage of life has completed three fourth of a century and has gotten experience to give to his or her generations. When a person is 75, he has gone through a series of wars and violence going on with the life. Peace is achieved only with the support of the people whom he or she has worked for throughout this span

Of course, a silent gesture for the 75 year old will make him or her feel special and this can be done at least to regard what all he or she has done for his or her family to satisfy the needs and happiness of each member.

75th Birthday Gifts for Dad or Grand Dad

At the age of 75 years, the person has seen almost every phase of life. Even small gestures of kindness or love and concern will make him happy. Age is something that controls and restricts people to enjoy but for one day the person should be left free of boundaries and instead should be made happy in whatever way possible. A perfect birthday gift, a small birthday present can even make the old man happy. A small present is quite less in return of the happy smile that gift might bring to the person.

Your dad is somebody who has held your finger to make you stand on your feet. Certainly nothing can be done to return that favour of his, but he can be made happy of course by making him feel special.

Top five gifts that can be presented to the old man and make him happy can be:

  • A photo frame with pictures of all family members.family-collage-frame
  • A pocket watchWomen-Pocket-Watches
  • Old movies or music collection
  • A birthday cake
  • A greeting card with all the feelings written on it from heart1619

75th Birthday Gifts for Mom or Grand Mom

Mother is someone who has a relation of 9 months ahead of all the people with you. Nobody can take that place she has in your life. The old lady expects nothing in return of the love and care with which she has nurtured you. To return everything she has done is impossible but she can be made happy at least for whatever she did for you throughout her life especially on her birthday. Make her feel special and needed each day and show the respect you have for her each moment.

  • A platinum jewellery piecewhy_platinum_is_perfect_for_every_occasion
  • A photo album with pictures of you and family members with her.images (2)
  • A wrist watch
  • A religious piece or objectMulticolor-Rasta-Rock-Peace-Jesus-Saints-font-b-Catholic-b-font-Friendship-Religious-Bracelets-font-b
  • A special birthday cake

75th Birthday Party Ideas

75th birthday can be planned with many ideas. Make sure of it that idea should make the birthday person happy. The birthday celebration should be according to the liking of the person and planned accordingly.

Top five styles for 75th birthday party can be:

  • A game party
  • A party with all family members and friends
  • A platinum decoration theme partylarge_image
  • A heritage partyimages (4)
  • A theme party with dresses of the year of birth

Colors for 75th Birthday

Colors are something that defines the mood of the person, place, party and personality, and sometimes even gender. For instance, pink is the colour that suits a girl the most. Color can define a party or celebration as well. Colors for 75th birthday should not be the same as for a kid or an adult. Preferred colors for the party are silver or white and also some soothing colors like orange etc.

Wishes and Quotes for 75th Birthday:

A 75 year old man or woman expects just care and love. Birthday can be made special, but besides the regard should be shown to them that you possess in your heart. Smallest efforts to please them make them happy and bring a bright smile on their faces. A heartfelt wishes and quotes are enough to make them happy.

Some quotes, wishes and poems for them:

  • If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent.


  • Nobody’s “old” anymore–they’ve just been around for a longtime.



  • Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns how to be amused rather than shocked.


  • Passing as younger is an age old deception;
    if you do it with style you’ll evade perception.
    Use this handy gauge and live without dread,
    stay in the green or yellow, but don’t touch the red.


  • Wishing you a
    birthday filled
    with everything you
    enjoy the most.Happy 75th Birthday


  • Today may you enjoy
    all the little things in life,
    all the love and happiness
    that is all around you,
    and the simple joys of
    cherished moments with
    those you care for.Wishing you all the best,
    on this special day and always.


  • It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts,


So making the 75th birthday special for a person costs nothing and takes nothing but brings the most important thing in the world. Happiness of the person!