Birthday is that celebrated day in one’s life when person is born on this mighty land. To increase the beauty of the day, it is celebrated with all near and dear ones. Now as the birthday of a person is so special, it is being celebrated with full enthusiasm and is awaited by the person. The birthday also marks the age of the person and legally gives the age description. The birth date is regarded as the birthday for as many years as the person lives.

A gift is a tangible item presented to the person regardless of anything in return. Gift is a very common way of expressing feelings like love, gratitude, friendship, celebration, etc. Gifts can be beautified with wrapping it with papers or glossy sheets and can even be according to occasion. Gifts can also be used to surprise and also as a mark of respect. Gifts intend to give happiness and on a special occasion like birthday, gift might amaze the birthday guy or girl provided it’s given with best wishes. Gifts selection varies from age, gender, occasion, relation, etc.

Age is described by birthday and 40 years of age is the peak of adulthood. The gifts can be given according to age as well. As the age and occasion is defined, the gift can vary according to gender and relation. The most suitable gift for all occasions and ages is flowers and a cake especially for purpose of birthday. There are some other gifts that can be presented on a formal basis.

Gift for 40th birthday should be chosen according to the emotions as well. The person might get angry on a gag gift. So, seeing to person’s emotional status, the gift must be chosen. Making the person happy should be the main objective at the time of choosing a birthday present.

40th birthday gifts for men

Men are quite choosy and have a definite set of tastes. Taste of men should be analysed first before giving a gift. Gifts for men are much easier to choose then women as for women there is a wide range of products while for men these are limited.

Top 5 gifts for men on birthday celebration can be

A pack of fragrance:



Fragrance is what men are quite fond of. A perfect set of fragrance with a beautiful wrap on it               appeals men as well as gives an elegant look. Choose a suitable pack of deodorant or men’s perfume to spread an aura of happiness among the birthday boy.




  • A combo of wine, birthday cake and flowers:

40th-birthday-gift1A birthday celebration can be well defined with the presence of birthday gift. A bunch of flowers have always been a sweet mode of presentation. A bottle of wine sets the mood for occasions. So a combo of all the three is pretty impressive.

  • An elegant hand watch:

Watches have always been a symbol of exclusive presentation of gifts. Whether close or distant, all kind of relation can present it to the person.

  • A set of wallet and leather belt:

A guy is always mesmerised by the things made of leather because leather has been a symbol of strength. A set of wallet and belt can be gifted as a formal birthday present anytime and anywhere.

  • A personalised pen set:

Pen is a very important day to day commodity. For corporate sector, pen is the most applicable present as a nice, expensive pen signifies the dignity of the person. An exclusive pen set can also be presented as birthday present.


40th birthday gifts for women

Unlike men, women have a wide range of choice and are quite flexible. Besides collections for women gifts is also quite large. Formal parties and corporate parties have a different kind of atmosphere and on the occasion of birthday.

Top 5 birthday presents for women:

  • Accessorize the birthday women:

Accessories have always gathered women’s attention irrespective of age or class. A bracelet, neckpiece or a pair of earrings can be presented as birthday gift to any women. She will appreciate it for sure.

  • A beautiful showpiece to enhance her home:

Ladies have more interest in beautifying the place they are living in than men. A beautiful showpiece to hang on wall or to enhance the showcase can be presented to women.

  • Chocolates for the lady:

Women are fond of chocolates much more than men. A big box of chocolates can bring a big smile on the face of the birthday women.

  • Perfume set:

Perfume set for women are easily available in market with amazing packing styles. These set can be presented on occasions to women.

  • Apparel for women:

Apparel is the first priority of women whether is in shopping or a birthday present. Close relatives can present nice apparel the birthday women and it will definitely please her.

40th birthday funny gag gifts

Gag gifts are mainly meant to confuse or let a smile on face of the person. These are mainly presented to the birthday guy/girl especially by friends and relation of same age group. Funny gag gifts become a source of laughter for everybody, but it should be kept in mind that it does not hurt the sentiments of the person. Gag gifts are just like pranks to make people happy.

Five funny gag gifts for 40th birthday:

  • Tees with funny quotes:

Tees with funny quotes seem quite funny and don’t offend the feelings also. A funny environment is created when that quoted tee is worn by the birthday men or women.



  • Mugs with  quotes:

Mugs with cute and funny quotes can be gifted to create a hilarious environment.

  • Funny accessories:

Funny accessories like necklace or glasses can even be gifted.

  • Caps and hats:

Caps with cute and funny looks are available in market for all type of ages. It seems to be quite hilarious.

  • Showpiece or wall hangings:

Amusing and comic showpieces and wall hangings are also available for the 40th birthday and can be obviously gifted to create laugh at situation.

Birthday is a very special occasion in one’s life and also has significance in the life of close buddies and relatives. A perfect gift for perfect occasion is quite necessary. A gift for a birthday should have a pleasant affect in the life of the person and also the surrounding people. So choose wisely and make surprise the soul.