Party blower and  colorful confetti on white background - carnival frameWow! I just got a birthday invitation from my best friend. I really love birthday parties. Cake, candles, decorations, gifts, dance! Everything amuses me a lot and I am sure it amazes you all. Isn’t it, people? And the party invites! Oh, those are so enthralling. I guess everybody loves its colours and the beautiful attractive images it has on it.

You see invitations for a party is must whether it be formal as in a form of written card or post or an email, or an informal one such as on telephone or just by a message. Now, the question arises what an invitation is and what purpose does it serve? Well, an invitation is oral or written request to a person to attend something or to go somewhere. Purpose of an invitation is it acts like a requesting tool. A Birthday invitation is basically meant for inviting a person to attend a birthday party. Birthday invites may vary from age and gender.

Birthday invitations for kids:

Birthday for kids have always been joyful day of the year and each kid wait for it eagerly. Besides, the most eventful of all is birthday party invites that kids distribute to their friends. Small little buds are quite innocent and are amazed by catchy pictorial birthday invitations. So while choosing a birthday invitation for your small little angel, keep in mind that it pleases the birthday kiddo.

Now, variable styles of invitations are available in the market as well as on the net. The most attractive three invitation styles famous amongst kids are:

  1. Invitations with bright colourful abstracts:

Small kids below the age of 10 years are attracted to bright colours. They are hardly bothered whatever is written on the invitation. They like the beauty of the colours and the brightness these carry with it.

  1. Cartoon characters on the invites:

birthday-invitation-2Children love cartoon. Apparently because of the same innocent character it has with them. Their favourite cartoon character becomes their idol and small buds start following those. A birthday invitation with beautiful attractive cartoon design amuses kids to a great extent.

  1. Floral attractive patterns invitation card:

Flowers with beautiful decorative patterns are also attractive design imprints for a kid’s birthday invitation. The brightness and nature of flowers has always been mesmerising for all. Even the kids are amazed by it.birthday-invitation-3

Birthday invitations for boys:

Boys have different set of tastes regarding invitations and are quite particular regarding the thing that they possess or that has their name. Taste of boys is quite defined. According to their taste, a set of birthday invitation can be assembled.

As the guys above the age of 10 years become choosy, it becomes difficult to choose an invitation for their birthday or to invite them on birthday. Three most suitable birthday invitation design for boys are:

  1. Simple abstract birthday invitations:

Birthday invites for guys should have less of bright colours like pink, red, etc. More abstract and soothing colours start to please guys after certain age1

  1. Birthday invitations with quotes and logos:

Birthday invitations with logos and quotes are available in the market and are specially designed for the guys.Untitled

  1. Sports imagery birthday invites:

Guys start involving them with sports at a certain age and make that sport a part of their life. Everything related to that sport pleases them. So a birthday invite with those game images attracts at this age.

Birthday invitation design for girls:

Mostly all girls love pink and bright contrasting shades and also admire flowers and birthday patterns. Unlike guys, girls have different set of tastes for their birthday and details related to it like cards, invites, etc.

Patterns for birthday invites are many for girls. The top three most favourite of all times are:

  1. Floral designs birthday invitations:

Girls are like flowers. Soft, fresh, and beautiful! Fragrance of girls is as sweet as flowers. So as the nature is same, the girls like flowers a lot.  Whether it be a gift or an image, flowers have always been describing girls mind.

  1. Brightly coloured girly pattern:

Girly patterns and images are available in the market quite easily. Even birthday invitations can be designed in the same way for the girls.

  1. Shades of red birthday invites:

Shades of red like pink, etc. have always been a girl’s favourite because it’s the symbol of love. The love is the most inspiring tendency in the girl’s heart. It throbs for only and only love and so is the colour favourite.

Invitation cards for adults

Adults have a very distinct set of taste regarding their birthday. They expect a formal party being organised for them or they themselves throw a party. Birthday invitations are made according to their taste.

Adult’s three most favourite birthday invitation patterns are:

  1. A birthday invitation card with their photograph on it

Adults especially girls start to admire themselves and love their birthday invitations with a photo of them on it.

  1. A theme party birthday invitation

A theme party is generally organised by adults and the birthday invites are designed accordingly.

  1. A birthday invitation with quotes simply

A plain simple parchment with birthday invitation quotes and colours are enough to amaze adults taste sometimes.

Birthday is the most important day in one’s life. So every small detail of that day should be perfect. Birthday invitations might seem a very small part but plays a significant role in attracting people at the first place. So what say guys and girls? Start up with your own birthday invitations.


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