What is a bathroom? A bathroom is basically a place meant for personal hygiene of person and it may contain a shower, a bathtub, a water closet and a sink. Even bathrooms are having a history. Ages ago water was considered to be quite religious and before worship, bathing with water was considered mandatory and holy. So, the concept of a separate place for taking a bath started considering only the spirituality of water, and not hygiene.

With the change in era and choice of the people, a new concept of bathrooms was evolved eventually that had main focus on hygiene of the person using it. There are some considerations that should be kept in mind before designing a bath and choosing its fixtures:

  • The age and type of person using it
  • The colour of the fixture matching to the tiles
  • Type of material used

Types of bathroom can be many, for instance:

  • Luxury bathroom
  • Contemporary bathroom
  • Bathroom for girls
  • Bathroom for kids
  • Bathroom for old and disabled
  • Master bathroom
  • Small bath
  • Antique bathroom
  • Bathroom with colours
  • Compact bath
  • Spa and Sauna baths

Luxury Bathroom:

Luxury bathroom is the one with all the basic amenities and also with the luxuries that can be added to a bath to make it more comfortable and usable along with. Even a spa, or modern fixtures and expensive tiles or temperature setter can even be used to enhance the beauty, usability and functionality. Area of the bath of this type is quite large.


Contemporary Bathroom:

A bathroom with all the modern facilities, equipment’s and fixtures is known as contemporary bathroom. Smart designs with energy efficient technologies are covered into it. Water efficient fixtures are being used to design a contemporary bathroom. After all the basic amenities i.e. a water closet, a sink, a shower and a bathtub, a contemporary bathroom has cabinets for keeping the accessories in proper.


Bathroom for Girls:

Girls are quite choosy and have a definite set of taste in decoration and colour specifically. Colours like pink and red amuse girls a lot whether it is their bedroom or their bathroom or their place of work. Types of bathroom for girls:

  • A pink interior bathroom


  • A red colour bathroom


  • A purple bath


  • A bath with floral patterns


Bathroom for Kids:

Kids are the budding flowers and happiness of them is quite important. Parents want their kids to be happy always and with all their love design everything according to their kid’s need.

Type of bath for kids:

  • A bath with bright colours


  • A bath with cartoon paintings on the wall


  • An accessorized bath


Bathroom for old and disabled:

Each family has old people and may have somebody disabled. The old and disabled are the ones who just want a bit of care from their siblings or their relatives. Special bathroom designs are available in the market for weak or old age or disabled people. Supports are given at every nook and corner possible.


Master Bathroom:

A master bathroom is the largest bathroom in the building and is generally attached to the master bedroom in a house. A master bath can have all the luxuries possible according to the need of the person inclusive of the basic like toilet, sink, shower and a bathtub.


Small Bathroom:

A small bathroom is a bath with a shower, a water closet and a sink. The area of the bath is quite small and is not the main bathroom. This bath is mainly meant to reduce the traffic in the master bathroom.


Antique Bathroom:

An antique bathroom has a significant taste of antique atmosphere that is structure with columns and ancient building elements implemented in the design. An antique bath imparts a unique feature to the building whether be a commercial or a private building. This type of baths gives a feel of royalty.


Bathroom in Various Colours:

 A bathroom can be designed according to the taste to the taste of the person and also according to the type of building. The colour of the bathroom may vary according to building, user and age group. Various colour designs are available in the market with beautiful matching fixtures.


Compact Bathroom:

A bathroom with a shower or a bathtub with shower or a Jacuzzi with shower are some examples of the compact bathrooms. These types of bathrooms are type of modular in nature and a certain fixture or element can be used for many purposes.


Spa and Sauna Baths:

A bathroom with facilities of spa or sauna or both is also a type of bath available in the market today. This feature can be implemented according to the user’s comfort and can be altered also. The requirement of this type of bath is not mandatory but is a form of luxury added to a building.