Oh! Birthday.. My most favorite day of the year. I love to celebrate it with my family. Besides getting an year old, the only side effect, I get a lot of wishes and greetings and Birthday cards. Amazing, beautiful birthday cards with colorful pictures and warm birthday wishes written on them by the people who care for me. Every year my special friends and relatives make me feel a lot more special with their adorable, most beautiful birthday cards. Birthday cards have wishes on them besides its beauty and that warmth can be felt by the cards.

Birthday cards are basically a card with a beautiful birthday quote besides the birthday pictures. It’s basically designed to attract the soul of the closest person who’s most important day, as in birthday, can never be forgotten by some special people. Birthday is something that should be made the greatest day of one’s life and birthday cards can be one such small thing that can make this happen and will also convey a small but a very important message that how much important the presence of the person is there in your life.

These days’ birthday cards are even available online and can be delivered to the address of the desired person residence with a birthday present along with.

Some kinds of birthday cards are enlisted below. Hope you people will enjoy going through them.

Homemade Birthday Cards:

Anything made with hand definitely shows the amount of labor you put in to prove the specialty of the person. Now, homemade birthday cards can be made with the help of colored papers, glitters, pens, old cards, pictures, cloth, cotton, wool, or from waste material also. Even waste like cake papers, butter papers etc. can be used.

To enhance the birthday wish, the homemade cards can even be drawn and painted with hands. Definitely the impression of the handmade birthday card is great.


Electronic Birthday Cards

Sometimes due to distance or uncertainty of reaching the wish in time, people send cards via internet. This is the fastest and the most famous source being used these days.

There are so many sites available on the internet to send an online e-card to your loved one in no time. You just need to have an e-mail id and the other person’s id. Your online card and wish will be sent. In some online cards, there is an option to add on your own birthday wishes, quotes or poems for the birthday boy or girl.


Birthday Cards for Adults

Whether adult, birthday cards are appreciated by everybody. Adult birthday cards should not necessarily be simple, but instead can be catchy and funny or even naughty.

Most of the greeting cards created work well for men and women alike, but there are some that work a bit better for one than the other. Though it is difficult to attract adults, but sure not for the birthday cards. This is the small gesture that might make them even more happier.


Birthday Cards for Kids

Kids whether funny, naughty or quite will always make a smile on your face. So how can you forget the birthday of such a cute creature that makes you smile even without an effort.

Obviously, as the kids are full of life, the cards made or chosen for them should be of the same quality. A card with colorful patterns, or with cartoon characters, or pictures of their favorite sports car etc. can bring a smile to the small little bud. No one can take away the small innocent smile of that young buddy’s face then.


Birthday Cards for Old

Birthday is something that should be cherished for everybody in the same way, especially the old. Old people should have the same birthday wishes as they used to get in their young age to make them feel lively and young as they use to feel in their times.

Funny birthday cards or card to honor the old people are available in the market. Make your old family member happy with the small deed of presenting a birthday card to the birthday boy or girl.


Humorous Birthday Cards

Apparently, birthday is something that is a synonym of fun. Funny and humor are again synonyms. So in a contextual way, birthday cards can always be humorous adding to the fun in the mood and the person’s life. Add on to the happiness with a humorous birthday card.


Birthday cards available should be chosen so as to cheer up the birthday boy or girl. Just see to it, that the humor in it should not hurt the sentiments of the person.

So send birthday cards to your loved ones and cherish the feeling of making them happy.



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