Christmas Rangoli

Festive season is round the corner and I suppose all the families have been planning and decorating their houses. Isn,t it? Lights, and my personal favorite, colours and a colorful beautiful rangoli.

Sometimes doing certain things together prospers harmony in a family. I and my elder sister have one such thing in common. We both love to make and design rangoli. My sister is not a keen appreciator of art work, but rangoli is one such thing that astonishingly she likes as well as helps me making it during Diwali and Holi. Certainly, colours are the thing that attracts all.

Even my father helps me decorating the rangoli whenever possible. My mother does the chores, according to the festive, and I am given the task of decorating the home with help of my sister. After cleaning, me and my sister first priority is to make a beautiful rangoli at the entrance. Now we can see lot of intricate rangoli designs on internet

Festive season is liked by all and relations come closer because of this. Visit by relatives can be welcomed and made pleasant by making a beautiful rangoli on any occasion.

In India, there are so many cultures, traditions and forms. Distinct regions have different set of styles and rituals, but one thing is common. Everybody likes to play with colours. Rangoli is basically a patterned form of colours.

Materials that can be used for making a rangoli:

  1. Rangoli colours
  2. Dried or fresh flowers
  3. Dried or fresh leaves
  4. Coloured rice, suzi, rawa, cream of wheat
  5. Pulses, cereals
  6. Coloured stones
  7. Poster or fabric colours mixed with chalk powder
  8. Dried wood powder

Here, I am enlisting some of the rangoli designs and patterns:

Christmas is a festival celebrated with lights and colours, Santa and bells. A small rangoli enhances the decoration.

Diwali Rangoli


Diwali, also known as festival of lights is a major festival celebrated all over India. Rangoli decorated with diyas and candles make the decorations enthralling and complete.

  • Holi Rangoli

Holi-inevitably festival of colours. This colourful festival is played with colours and a patterned form of colour makes it significant.


  • Onam Rangoli

A south Indian celebrated festive has a significant usage of colours to commemorate Lord Vishnu



  • Pongal Rangoli

This is a harvest festival celebrated after the harvest season.


  • Kolam Rangoli

Kolam is word given to rangoli in south India.


  • Bihu Rangoli

Bihu is an Assamese festival which is celebrated with folk dances. Rangoli adds to the beauty of the festival.


  • New Year Rangoli

Well, New Year is celebrated worldwide with full enthusiasm. Colours add on to the beauty of the festival.


  • Independence Day Rangoli

Independence Day is the most important day to all of us. So, why not to make it remarkable with the colours of a rangoli.


  • Geometric Rangoli

Forms and shapes used in a rangoli can have geometric forms.


  • Massive Rangoli

A large rangoli that occupies a large lot of floor area looks quite impressive and beautifies the place


  • Birthday Rangoli

Birthday can be wished in a different style by sing the power of colours in a rangoli


  • Traditional Rangoli in Gujrat

Rangoli is something that is a form of art and Gujrat and Rajasthan are quite famous for their exquisite artwork.


  • South Indians Rangoli Designs

South Indians have different traditions though, still the colours attract these people also.


  • Floral Rangoli

A rangoli made of flowers besides making the place beautiful, add fragnance to the place.


  • Typical Rangoli

A rangoli patterned in a bit difficult form makes it look delightful


  • Lord Krishna Rangoli

Lord Krishna as we all know loved colours a lot. A rangoli depicting his pictorials can contribute to the religious nature of rangoli.


  • Lord Ganesha Rangoli

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the idol for any new work to be started. Making a rangoli of him, add the ambience of colours with religion.


  • Rangoli with Leaves

Rangoli can even be designed with the help of locally available leaves.


  • Stencil Rangoli

Stencil rangoli is made with the help of predefined stencils easily available in the market.


  • Modern Abstract Rangoli

A rangoli with modern techniques and ingredients and abstract form fall under this category.


  • Modern Art Rangoli

Modern art is concept derived from new imaginary world and is used to depict many emotions in one painting. A rangoli can be made out of this concept.


  • Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock is a bird which is always commemorated because of its natural colours. A rangoli can be made using this beauty and keeping the splendid colours of a peacock in mind.


  • Rangoli in Water

A new concept of floating rangoli has also come into being.


  • Colourful Rangoli

Adding many colours to a rangoli design makes it look more beautiful, more elegant.



  • Rangoli With Dots

A design of rangoli made of dots imparts it a unique feature.


  • Simple Rangoli Design

A simple rangoli can be made quite frequently without spending much time on it.


  • Small Rangoli Design

A small but elegant rangoli design makes is fancied by all.


  • Beautiful Fancy Rangoli

A fancy rangoli with beautiful patterns and shapes add to the beauty of colours.


  • Alpana Rangoli

Alpana is basically abstract form of rangoli forms derived from past tradition.



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