Traditional in a country like ours, bathroom and toilets held little or no space within the four walls of the house. As times changed and people moved from kutcha houses to proper brick houses, toilets and bathroom became an integral part of the house. Still, Bathrooms were left to basic structure with little or no focus on aesthetics. Today, however, the whole situation has changed and reversed. Every part of the house has equal importance and gets treated as such. People today feel that bathroom should perhaps be given more attention since that is one place in the house everyone has to rewind, relax and be with oneself given the busy life or today.

Why pay attention to details?

Today, as life fastens and changes pace we understand that the aesthetics and beauty all around us makes us feel better at the start or end of day. While we make a house, it is important to pay attention to our bathroom as it should clearly assimilate with the décor of the rest of the house. While one can settle for a specific colour or the layout, it becomes important to buy the right bathroom tile designs and also pay attention to the tile surface. Bathroom tiles are very different from the tiles that we would otherwise put in our house. Bathroom tiles are rough, less slippery and more rugged to avoid any slipping and ensure water does not leave any deposit marks.

Bathroom wall tile designs also vary whether you put it on the bathroom wall and floor. Today, bathrooms are no longer just space reserved to take a bath, they provide time to indulge in personal extravaganza and unwind after a day’s work.

Given here are a few bathroom tile designs that one can look at and decide whether to go or not go a design based on the décor and design of the rest of the house.

Keeping it simple with a normal colour as shown in the below image can always be a safe bet and a great idea. Given the sober walls and floor you can go ahead and try various other accessories in contrast colours. While the colour is sober and tiles look simple, they have inbuilt designs and patterns that add a certain glamour to the bathroom. One can relax and unwind and keep it classy and simple.


If you are looking for brighter colour and some strong colour, you can look at the following tiles. The graphite wall tiles are used only for walls and the floor is done with the different tile to add more look and flavour. While the grey accentuates the white fittings in the bathroom shown here, they provide the perfect background for the amazing lighting in your bathroom making it even more peaceful and beautiful. Also, glass accessories mix well in the surroundings. You can place plants in this setting and rest assured no bright colour contrast could go wrong with these tiles.

If you want a mosaic type bathroom wall and want to feel closer to nature, one can try the following tiles for mosaic look and have a contrasting colour on other walls as well. The chances that you will go wrong are far from few since the colours are pretty mixed and one need not match the contrast colour or accessories, bathroom furniture and fixtures according to one. One has the ability to make a varied choice. As in this picture, green has been mixed and offset by white and off white colour. It adds a flavour of colour and yet at the same provides serenity to this bathroom.


If you are looking for bold colours and ready to experiment, then the following bathroom tiles shades and colours are just what you should get. While the bathroom tiles are an artistic mix of shades of green and yellow, the overall appeal remains intact thanks to the powerful mixture of bright, light and right shades. One might have to buy these tiles in the form of a pack or as a group, since to mix on one’s own random tiles could mean a bad mistake at choice.

Bathroom floor tile designs are also important considerations once you go out to buy those remember, that bathrooms have water, slippers and lots of grease can build up. As a parent, individual or as an old person or even child, you should pay attention since bathroom could cause a severe fall and lead to drastic consequences. One should make this choice carefully and buy only the bathroom floor tiles and not any tiles for the bathroom floor. Check some designs for good bathroom floor tiles to get an idea of what you can buy and invest in and rest assured that no one is going to be injured in your bathroom, at least not due to slipping.

The bathroom below uses mosaic like tiles for walls and floor as well. You can get the tiles in separate packs for the floor and walls. You should be able to tell the difference between the tiles when you buy them, by feeling the surface. This is a beautiful and vibrant colour that will add much needed life to the otherwise dull bathroom.  You can also bring your designer or interior designer along to help you make the right choice if at all you are confused. This one, however limits your ability to experiment with other colours in the washroom of your house.


The bathroom floor tiles shown below are in a plain colour and allow one to stick to the basics of bathroom design. The sober brown adds to the softness of the bathroom and if you have some lighting considerations you can rest assured that this will be the best choice. As a person who wants to have right lighting, even in the bathroom, these are your pick. However, ensure that these tiles should also go with the rest of the house. Brown is a base colour that allows for wooden fixtures to look beautiful in the setting.

Given the changing time and beautiful options we have, you can try the following tiles in your bathroom to add an overall retro design like look to your bathroom. These tiles in white and blow contrast make for a beautiful bathroom floor tiles and add a spring like look to the bathroom. Coupled with the bathroom wall tiles that are blue, this makes the bathroom appealing and lively. You have the option to experiment with a big set of contrast colours. Ensure that you let the light come in from the right angles and have a bathroom that looks even amazing in mornings under natural lights. Ensure that you maintain the floors clean and tidy to be able to enjoy the bathroom each day and make your morning ritual an enjoyable one.

Given the space considerations in many of the cities metros, it becomes important to add a colour and design that gives the feeling of space and makes the bathroom look nice at the same time. Some of the following tiles and bathroom tile designs for small bathrooms will add that much needed flavor of style and look.

The idea to having a good bathroom in small space is to ensure that we remove anything that constructs or obstructs the view in the bathroom should be removed. This has given way to the modern glass tile bathroom designs that help contribute to this much like the design given below. The colour of tiles is simple and sober and adds a visual of space and the transparent shower removes any idea of reduced space.

Also, with the certain ideas still focusing on traditional designs, ceramic tile bathroom designs are also good options. You can experiment and chose what you like, however, stick to a colour that gives an idea of space and is soothing to the eyes for all. Any earth colour is good as it is soft on the eyes and also if in case there are any mud stains or marks, they will act as a good concealed. To maintain your tiles life, clean them often and scrub them clean of any kind of algae growth that could make them slippery. Try the following two colours and designs for a bathroom that adds a new dimension to your whole house.

It is important to mention here, that as a homeowner, weigh all your options and choices. It is not often that one can renovate the house or make changes as per changing trends and style. Focus on both the design, layout and also the look and usability of the bathroom. If you have kids who are growing up, the bathrooms will be used very often and need a lot of cleaning. It becomes important to buy something that will be easy to clean and maintain. If you are a couple with grown up children, you can have a modern landscaped bathroom that adds an element of elegance and grace apart from its intended use.