What is a wedding for a bride? It is the most beautiful day of the bride’s life when she hands over her warm hands and feelings in the hands of the person whom she expects to take care of her till the day she dies.

So, isn’t it a need to make this day to be more special for her and also her dear ones? So, why not to add on more perfection to her and the surrounding people by considering each aspect with minute detail? Why not to provide her and her dear ones with a perfect dress, a perfect bridal make-up, or for that matter a perfect hairstyle for the bride and close ones of the bride?

There are many types of hairstyles that are now beaded to make the hair look pretty and smart. A braided bun, open hair curls down, side braided with open pony, side pony with a puff, plated hair with accessories, 5-strand Rapunzel hair, fishtail braid, curls to straight hair, side twisted bridal hair, and many more. The brides, the bridemaids, the close ladies to the bride, everybody wants an exclusive hairstyle for the occasion.

The most common searches for the wedding hairstyles have been counted down here. Hope you will like the content and get a better option for choosing a wedding hairstyle.

1.    Short hair wedding styles

Girls having short hair generally fear that they won’t get many options for their hairstyle. But girls, don’t fear. Many hairstyles have been worked upon till date only for the girls with short hair.

Here are some options. Curls, down curls, straight hair accessorised, loosely back pinned, puffed up at the top, etc. and are many more. So, ladies choose your hairstyle according to your will and add to your femininity.

short-hair-wedding-style-1 short-hair-wedding-styles

2.    Long hair wedding styles

Girls with long hair have so many options to be used for their wedding or any other occasion for their hair to be dressed up. Like for instance, a top bun with a puff at the front, side fishtail braid, long loose down curled hair, straight conditioned hair, well plated hair, and many more. So, go for your style.

long-hair-wedding-style-1 long-wedding-hairstyles-with-bangs1

3.    Curly hair wedding styles

Gone are those days when curly hair dressing used to be a problem. With modern equipment, dressing of hair has become so easy.

A nice well pinned side bun, open hair with front neatly done, half up and down hair, open curls with accessories, etc. are a few options for curly hair.


4.    Black hair wedding styles

Dark black hair looks very pretty in itself. Why not to add to its beauty by giving it an appropriate hairstyle and deco.

Back hair bun with silver accessory looks amazing, and so is black open hair with a silver crown or band. Even white accessories add on to the beauty of the black hair’s hairstyle.



5.    Wedding hair styles with bangs

Bang is one such kind of a hairstyle that every women wants to possess at some point of time in her life. So, why not be the time of her wedding or a wedding of her close one?

The matte and smooth look of bangs on the hair looks awesome and makes it look so damn attractive.


6.    Natural hair wedding styles

Natural hair can be made without any effort. Free easy going pinned at the back is one such style. A top neat bun is another and is also quite simple. Loose the natural hair and accessorize with a flower looks great.



7.    Beach wedding hair styles

A beach is such a natural beauty that it is suited for any kind of celebration. Girl’s have the power to drive the attention even from the beach’s beauty.

A perfect hairstyle with a perfect dress will surely help them with the same. Natural accessories with any hairstyle will impart the feel of the beach’s most important focal point.

beach-wedding-hairstyle beach-wedding-hairstyle1

8.    Vintage wedding hair styles

Vintage is what we derive from the old styles. The vintage hairstyles were many and can be chosen by the wedding bride and also by the near ones as the one that might attract the attention of all.

vintage-wedding-hairstyle vintage-wedding-hairstyle1

9.    Indian wedding hair styles

Indians have a list of rituals and a varied tradition for their wedding. So is the variation with the dress and the hairstyle as such.

indian-wedding-hairstyle indian-wedding-hairstyle1

10.  Modern wedding hair styles

Modern looks and trends attract many for certain reasons but this is not just with the case of trends of fashion or dress. It is also related to hairstyle and hair accessories.



11.  Latest wedding hair styles

Latest is the term used that have evolved in the recent present. The ever changing demand of more is man’s tendency. So, demanding for new and something different even for the hairstyle cannot be a myth.

Latest-Wedding-Hairstyle1 Latest-Wedding-Hairstyles

12.  Elegant wedding hair styles

Elegant hair style gives a neat, charming and graceful look to a girl. Try on with a simple, elegant hair style. I am sure; the attention seeker of the party will definitely fail.



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