Who is Father? What is his importance in anybody’s life? Why should father’s day be celebrated? Answers to these questions are quite simple yet emotional. To commemorate the sacrifices, love, care, concern and support of a father in their children’s life, a specific day was being marked called Father’s day.

Usually, father’s day is celebrated on third Sunday of June in many countries worldwide, but dates also vary in some countries. A son is father’s support and a daughter is his heart’s princess. Being a daughter, I realize why daughter’s called princesses of dads. Father’s have supported us starting from initial stage of our lives till the day he is with us. So dear friends, let us celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and make our father’s realize their value in our lives by a small gift marking our token of love.

Here are some gift ideas for father’s day:

1.    A card accessorized with a bouquet

A card and a bunch of flowers are the most convenient and safest gift item. It can be gifted to any father accounting for the fact that he will like it for sure.




2.    A mug with father’s day quotes

Mugs with father’s day quotes are easily available in the market. Find a suitable mug with a beautiful quote and gift it to your dad to let him know how you feel for him.


3.    A t-shirt with quotes on father’s day or picture of you with him

T-shirts with father’s day quotes are available and besides can also be designed with a picture of you with your father. The gift will definitely touch his heart.


4.    A watch

Wrist watches are there in the market with a variety of designs. Choose it wisely for your old man considering his taste and choice.


5.    A wallet

Leather and synthetic material wallets are designed to attract people of all age groups. Gifting a wallet is a great idea.


6.    Pair of shoes

A pair of leather or sports shoes can be a great gift idea for him. Not only shoes provide comfort to the feet, but also give a level of intimacy.


7.    A pair of sunglasses

Shades or aviators are another option that can be presented to your father.


8.    Fragrance

A sweet smell of a deodorant or a perfume lightens up the surroundings and the body of the person itself. A gift can be made out of such fragrance.


9.    A mobile phone

A mobile is a device that connects people even in mobility. Presenting your father a phone will connect him to you anytime and anywhere.


10.  A camera with pictures of you and him

Camera captures very important moments of life that can be used to remember the old days. Camera as a gift is a great idea for your father. Besides, add some pictures of you and your father and other family members in it.


11.  Small treats for him

Small treats like chocolates, cookies can be gifted to him. Definitely, he will like it.


12.  A beautiful, tasty cake

A cake is liked by all, whether be young or old. Giving a cake and making him cut that cake will make him feel really special.


13.  Wine hampers can be a great idea

Wine is a great gift. Wine hampers enhance the celebration mood.


14.  A photo frame

A photo frame with you and your father’s picture make an awesome memory for him


15.  key chain with his and your photo

Many key chains are available these days for father’s day. A key chain that has space for applying photo of father and you.


16.  Funny gig items to make him laugh

Funny items and gig items create a happy environment and make a pleasant bonding. The level of intimacy between a father and a child is such that a funny gift makes it stronger.


17.  A plant can be a great idea

A plant, small bud blossoming to become a plant helps in cleaning the surroundings. The atmosphere air gets more supply of oxygen. Healthy and natural gift is a plant.


18.  A shaving kit or a personal health care kit

A shaving or a personal health care gift presents are available in combos and can be presented to him. These kits help your father in maintaining his personal hygiene and make the everyday task easier.


19.  A pen and a notepad

A pen and a notepad is very day today product. Everybody needs it on a daily basis and requirement is mandatory.


20.  Accessories for men

Accessories such as cuff links, a wrist band, bracelet, etc. can also be a great gift for this father’s day.


Guys and girls, and also moms and dads! Father’s day is a very special day to honor your father for whatever he has done for you and your family. Kindly, show a small gesture for him on this father’s day praying good health and life for him ahead.