Do you look like a sleep deprived zombie every time you look at yourself into the mirror? Your eyes appear weary and red and the skin beneath it sagged. You can see the youthfulness of your skin waning with every passing day. Baggy eyes are a common problem among both men and women. Today’s hectic and demanding lifestyle has rendered us stressed out, sleep deprived and has messed up our eating habits as well. It is only obvious that the turbulence will affect our health and be reflected on our faces.

A person gets eye bags due to a myriad of reasons ranging from erratic sleep schedule and smoking to stress and aging. The fat around the eyes tends to diminish making the area look hollow. The skin is likely to sag and water tends to accumulate in the tissues, causing the formation of bags under the eyes. If you have eye bags too, don’t be disheartened. There are simple tricks to get rid of the eye bags real quick. Most of these tips consist of use of natural ingredients from your kitchen and a couple of changes in lifestyle. Read on, to know how you can make the sunken under-eye areas plump once again.

Kick that Butt!

Smoking is bad not only for the lungs, but also your skin. It snatches your skin of its moisture and nutrients, especially the vitamin C, which happens to be a major component involved in the repair of damaged skin cells. The same happens to the skin under your eyes. Ultimately, the skin loses its firmness, tends to wrinkle and sag. Like they say, it’s never too late. Giving up smoking is the least you can do to contain the damage to the skin under your eyes.

Green Tea for the Bags

Green tea brims with antioxidants and tannins, which are good for the skin. Treating the bags under the eyes with green tea helps rejuvenate the skin and bring down the puffiness. Just boil a cup of water and transfer it to a teacup. Steep the two green tea bags in the cup of hot water for a minute. Now lift the tea bags and let the excess water drain on its own. Let the tea bags, cool down a bit. Chill them a little in the refrigerator for 7-8 minutes. Now, place the tea bags over your eyes, one over each eye. Just recline on a sofa or bed for 10-15 minutes and let the green tea do its magic. You would be surprised how amazingly invigorated the skin under your eyes feel.

The Coolest Cucumber in Town!

A cucumber is all about being fresh and cool. With 96% water content, a cucumber is abundant in ascorbic acid and works as a gentle bleaching agent as well. Using cucumber on eyes is a fantastic way to get of the under-eye bags. Let the cucumber chill in your refrigerator, before you use it to soothe your eyes. Cut two slices of the cold cucumber and place them over your eyes. Now, you can either listen to your favourite music as you lie down for 20 minutes or you can take a nap as the cucumber sets your under-eye bags straight. Believe me; you will feel so refreshed when the coolness caresses your eyes.

Water Water Everywhere!

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is one of the best ways to get rid of puffy eyes. This is the remedy that works from the inside. Water helps reduce the size of the eye bags and revive the firmness of the skin by promoting the production of collagen. Most people might think baggy eyes are caused due to water retention in the tissues. Then how can drinking more water help? Water retention in the tissue occurs for all the wrong reasons that we mentioned in the beginning. Drinking plenty of water to stay fit is definitely not one of them.

Become a Sleeping Beauty!

It’s amazing how the name of the fairy tale character signifies the relationship between sleep and beauty. Our sleeping pattern is responsible to a great extent for the way our face looks. A sound sleep will keep your skin healthy and problem-free. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of having baggy eyes. You really can make your under-eye bags go away overnight. I mean it, literally! Try sleeping peacefully at least for 7 hours at night. Manage your chores well to get sufficient sleep. You would notice a big change in the way your eyes look within a couple of weeks. The size of the bags would have diminished and you feel revitalized and beautiful from the inside. You see, your body repairs itself when you sleep.

The Milky Goodness

Milk is probably the healthiest food ever. It is power packed with calcium, vitamins, proteins and what not. It also has an alpha-hydroxy acid, namely the lactic acid. All these nutrients are a beneficial for our entire body, including our skin. Take some milk in a small bowl and chill it in the refrigerator. Now, dip two cotton pads in the cold milk, drain the excess milk and place one cotton pad on each eye-lid. Let it stay for half an hour to fight against the redness and inflammation of the skin of your eye bags. Like using a cucumber, this is a natural way to lose those bags under the eyes. You can follow this trick everyday till your eyes come back to normal, which they will.

Slice up a Potato

Who doesn’t relish a potato? It is the most versatile veggies ever known to the mankind. Apart from making a million delicacies from a potato, you can also treat your eye bags with it. A potato works like a coolant as well as bleach. It helps enhance the skin tone when you place a slice over your eyelids for 15 minutes on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for? Go slice a potato!

Cut Back on Salt

Like I mentioned before, baggy eyes are caused by retention of water in the tissues of the skin under the eyes. High concentration of salt in tissues accelerates water retention. Ever wondered why our eyes appear swollen after we cry? That is because out tears contain salt too, which causes the water to accumulate in our facial tissues. So, reducing the salt intake in your food can really help you get rid of baggy eyes to a great extent.

Try Some Under-Eye Gel

Under-eye gels and creams are a rage these days. These creams are known to be very effective, albeit a bit heavy on your pocket. The under-eye gels/creams contain a protein named collagen, which is responsible to maintain the firmness of our skin. Most people recommend gel over cream, because they feel gel penetrates better into the skin. There is no harm in trying out a branded under-eye gel/cream on your baggy eyes. It’s worth a shot.

Eyelift – An Expensive Affair

An eyelift is a cosmetic procedure wherein, the fat accumulated underneath the eyes is drained out and the drooping skin is fixed to look firm. This is a surgical procedure which would need you to shell out anything between $5,000 and $8,000. However, the results can last up to 2 decades! Personally, I feel that having an eyelift is very extreme. But again, it’s a matter of choice. The decision to get an eye lift done is very subjective and depends upon the personal preferences of an individual.

I hope this rang a bell. If you have eye bags, odds are that you aren’t sleeping enough, not eating well or are stressing yourself out all day, which takes a toll on your body. We panic when we lose our bags, but we definitely want to lose our eye bags, don’t we? Try out any of these tips that you like to get rid of the weariness and puffiness and perk up the naughtiness in those eyes!

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