Eyebrows are very important and can make or break any person’s look. For years people underestimated the power of the eyebrows and thought of them as unnecessary. Eyebrows can help frame one’s face and lend your makeup that perfect touch. Eyebrows are really important for you if you want to look presentable and attractive. So the next time you decide to pluck your eyebrows consider these factors before you start plucking.

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Tip 1

Eyebrows can look different depending on their thickness. Eyebrows can be thick, thin or natural but the thickness does affect one’s look. Many women have thick eyebrows yet some prefer thin ones. Many are happy with natural looking eyebrows whilst some prefer extra thin. But irrespective of the brow thickness you love plan beforehand. Planning about your preferred brow thickness can be done by identifying your face shape and seeing some celebrity eyebrow shapes. Use a black or White eye pencil to outline the brows before you start tweezing or threading.

Tip 2

Your eyebrow shape must be planned beforehand. Eyebrows help give your face a proper definition and are essential for a complete look. Choose your brow shape wisely and keep in mind your face shape.¬† For example a round face will look good with an arched curved or high arch; whereas a long face shape will look great with a straight or slightly curved brow shape. If you are not sure of the shape then check some celebrity brow shapes who have similar face contours nd shape. before shaping brows always use a white eye pencil/kohl to draw an outline for the brow shape.Don’t go too dramatic and try to keep it simple and natural.

Tip 3:

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Many women have sparse brows or uneven growth of hair in their eyebrows and this makes them appear strange. To make your brows beautiful and appealing always consider filling in your brows with brow powder or pencil . Whichever you choose don’t use too much and never use black shade to fill in your black eyebrows. Avoid using too waxy Brow pencils as they tend to clump and stick to brows and make the brow look unnatural.

Tip 4:

Unruly eyebrows look very unprofessional and can easily ruin your perfect makeup look. There’s an easy way to keep your brows looking perfect all day long . Use a bit of brow wax and use it with your finger and shape your brows. If you have a brow comb with you then use it along with a bit of brow wax or just use a bit of hair gel or hair spray to keep the stray hairs in place all day long. Using gel will also give your Brows a fresh feel. You may also use a clear mascara wand to help shape your eyebrows. Also you can spray a few times with your Hair spray into the brow comb and then shape your eyebrows. This will help keep them in place throughout the day.

Tip 5

If you are among those women who find tweezing or threading a very painful process here’s a quick remedy for that. Before you get ready to pluck or thread just soak a small wash cloth in warm water and hold it on the Brow area for a few minutes. The hot water will help the pores to open up. Open pores help in easy removal of hair follicles and cause less irritations and hurt less. Do make sure to pat off all traces of water before starting to tweeze/thread.

Tip 6

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Tweezers are essential items for tweezing or shaping your brows . It’s a good choice to own a pair of angled tip tweezers as well as a pair of pointed tip ones. Keep your tools nearby while tweezing and keep them sanitized and clean to avoid any skin problems in the future. After use wah the in warm water and use a sanitized cleaner. if your tweezers tend to lose grip invest in a good pair soon.

Tip 7

Many women suffer from a Dilemma – whether they should tweeze the upper part of the brows or leave them as it is. It was a belief that the hair above the Brows should not be tweezed and many women used to shave it or wax it. But plucking the upper part of the brow is completely Ok . Just make sure you are not altering the brow arch as it will make the brow appear lower. To avoid going into the arch draw an outline and just pluck the hairs outside the line.

Tip 8

Waxing is a popular method of removing unwanted hair. Many women use wax to remove unwanted hair around their brows too but this may be harmful in the Long run. waxing uses a Tug and pull method . This tugging and pulling hurts the skin around the Eyes and may cause premature wrinkles. The eye area is delicate and waxing can make the skin irritated too.

Tip 9

Trim your Eyebrow hair once in while. The beginning of your brows may need some trimming once in a while and it’s completely ok to trim them. but to keep the trimming in control use a brow brush to brush your Brow hair upwards and see if the hair has grown too much. Then take a small pair of scissors and cut off the excess. Take care not to trim too much. If there are some hairs that refuse to go along hold your spoolie brush and brush your hair up , see if they are not at all manageable. Snip the excess amount of brow hair.

Tip 10

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Don’t go all bare or bleach your brows. It’s not at all natural to shave off your brows and then use a pencil to line. We believe it is not at all a good idea. We all want to look natural and not a painted doll. ¬†Keep your natural brows and shape as needed. if you have sparse brows then try using Brow powder or wax to fill in and if you want lighter brows consult your stylist for details.

Tip 11

Don’t use a Magnified mirror to pluck or thread your eyebrows. Magnifying your brows will make you lose perspective and pluck too much or too little. Use a normal mirror and step away from time to time. This will help you assess how much need to be plucked or shaped. Always use a guideline like draw an outline to your brows with an eye pencil and pluck only the hairs outside it.

Tip 12

Always keep in mind that your brow should start from just above the outer part of your nose. For guidance use your tweezers or a pencil and hold it along your outer part of the nose, mark the spot where the pencil/tweezers hit the brow area and start from there.

Tip 13

Eyebrows grow back after a while and many will need to go back once again to tweeze or maintain their eyebrow shape once every ten to fifteen days. If you like tweezing or threading you might need to maintain the brows every fifteen days. For those who wax their brows you will need to go back after 5 to 6 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Tip 14

be careful while plucking brows and if you are sensitive to hair removal techniques like threading r tweezing use a warm wash cloth on the brow area for five minutes. If accidentally you pull a bit of skin white tweezing of threading use an ice-cube to soothe the sin and start on the same spot after ten to fifteen minutes. If there is blood while plucking use a cotton ball and use an ice-cube on the area. After removal use a moisturizer to help soothe skin

Tip 15

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Hold one end of your tweezer on the side of the nose and look straight into the mirror. The tweezer should go right through the iris and touch the brow. This point should be the highest point of the arch of your brow. This trick is very effective and makes tweezing the arch precise too.

These were our fifteen beautiful eyebrow tips . Do share your eyebrow tips with us . Leave your views and let us know if you found this article helpful.