We all get ready every day, be it to go to work or even to go to school and look into that mirror. Mirror or glass as we more commonly know it has more uses that we perceive or know about. Glass has inspired people across the globe for newer designs and innovations. From huge building made with reflective glass to houses made of thick plate glass, from delicate artistic show pieces to extravagant and elegantly painted glass domes and windows, glass has been used as a canvas for inspiration, motivation for newer designs in architecture and some of the most beautiful paintings and canvases we have seen.

Explore to know more

Glass paintings are a great way to explore the world of color and painting and at the same time add innovation to the way we show or put up these beautiful glass paintings in our house, office or elsewhere. So, basically any article of glass or anywhere you have glass can be your canvas. Given here are a few tips for getting good glass paintings and tips for safety.

Handle with care

First and above all handle glass with care and treat it delicately. It can give way to great pain and trouble if you end up breaking the glass and hurt yourself in the process. You can start to paint simple things first with water based colours if you are a starter, but if you are a pro you need not be told what to do. Beginners can start painting empty glass bottles, cans, boxes or even that corner of the mirror in the room or toilet. Let your imagination take you everywhere.

Easy painting kit to start now

Today, there are ready kits available for the people in the market to use. If you want to paint a few glasses only, get one of these kits else you can opt for a full pack of glass painting colours. You need to also have to have the drawing pencils, stencils and a little bit of sand paper. Use sandpaper to roughen the glass a little so that colours stay easily. Use the stencils to trace the outlines of your drawing and then get set to fill colours.

Simple to complex, all kinds of designs

Here are a few wine glass painting designs that you can try and explore in the walls of your own house and rest assured that nothing much can go wrong. The trick with wine glass paintings is that you can let it dry automatically or heat them in the oven to set the colours in.

Try these simple lines and wine glass paintings and designs if you are not sure what to do. Use of minimal colours and there is no complexity in design, Simple curves, dots and lines for a creative glass design and no chance of anything going wrong.



If you are willing to spend some time on something that is not only simple, but also expresses lots of love, this is one of the minimalistic simple glass painting designs that cannot go wrong in any way. Just get ready with your color kit and go hearty all over the glass. Give this glass to anyone you love, your mother, father, sister or friend and you can write even a small message somewhere there and make it even more memorable.



There are whole ranges of glass painting design patterns you can try at home without the need for expert skill or caution but get just the results of a pro. Try these designs for someone’s birthday present and there is no chance that you will go wrong in any manner. The designs of your childhood patterns on a wine glass and make a present for life. Simple and minimalistic design make a difference and add a personal touch. You can also keep these glasses at home for any birthday occasion of the family.



If you are a creative person who wants to explore more than just a simple design, let nature and beauty around you be your very guide and source of inspiration. Draw these cute looking fishes and petals and leaves on glasses for creativity to express itself through these designs. If you are a gifted person you can try more complex patterns like these peacock leaves with beautiful use of colours and designs.



More experienced and trained painter’s hands, prefer to let their creativity out on stained glass painting designs. While for the common person, it might refer to glass used in church or places of other significance. However, stained glass is differentiated by the use salts during its manufacture to add color. Try this simple leaf in different colours to start your exploration for the stained glass paintings. If you are not as confident, make sure you use stencils to get the outline and paint it.



Landscapes are perhaps something everyone is comfortable with. Try this simple design for a landscape. One can also make it a family project by involving everyone to paint a little at a time each. Anything with an eye for details and that expresses an idea for modern glass painting designs is more than welcome



However, if one wants more intricate designs and patterns for something that is more than just for fun or experiment, try some complex patterns like the one here with all kinds of designs, patterns, colours and scenes from nature. You can add your own twist to this glass painting flower designs but ensure you are sure about the change and willing to take the risk.



As Indians, we hold close to our religious view and beliefs. Keeping this in mind, sharing here a few beautiful glass painting designs of Krishna who is one of the most loved of Indian gods for anyone to paint and put up on the wall for all to admire. You can easily paint at home if you pay little attention and time to get this design right. There is no such thing as impossible. So, all one needs is the right color kit, a canvas of glass, patience and the will to get this done. Try this design today to explore your own potential and explore creativity.


This is a beautiful painting of baby lord Krishna. The aim with this one should be to get the design right and maintain the innocence of the face. Pay attention to details and colours and make this painting with all your time and full focus on the face. Go explore and paint this one for your home.


If you are willing to put in time, use your eye for detail and willing to have more intricate designs on your wall, try this painting. It requires expertise and patience and also needs eye for detail to get the details right for everything that is the component of this painting. There are smaller details of the background, small geometric patterns, curve and lines that are spread evenly all through this glass painting be it the clothes, jewellery or even the frame that Lord Krishna adorns needs some detailing.


If you are looking for inspiration and newer designs and avenues to explore, look around and there is enough for you all around. Look out that window and you might be captivated by nature and you have a brand new idea for a glass painting design of birds, clouds, houses, scenery etc. If you can see it you can paint it too. Just be cautious and start with something small and simple and progress slowly. Some of us are born with skill while others acquire it, but no matter what it is, keep working every day to develop your skill and art.

If you want to try something more intricate and complex, try this glass painting that is full of colours, designs and patterns that have no left area of glass visible in most parts. Use much more colours and add more diversity to the painting you make.


The idea and aim with any creative venture should be that you an avenue to explore your own potential. Never compare yourself to anyone. For someone with years of experience and skill, a design might seem like a child’s play and for someone who is new it might take a lot of time and effort for the same design to be fully executed and put on glass and up on the wall.  Try these designs and patterns over a period of time as you gain more skill and understanding of paintings. It is a beautiful avenue for your creative explorations. While you learn a new art, you can design your very own personalized gifts and presents for people and also adorn your walls with your own art. There is a never a dearth of what you can do, you might just be able to make a mark in your own circles with your newly acquired art and skill. And Above all, remember, you can always learn, the idea is to not give up.