Sleek is one of the most affordable and popular making up brands in the world. This fast growing makeup brand has some innovative and high quality makeup in its kitty. The shade selection is also good. The brand understands the skin tone and caters fair to dark and everyone in between. sleek makeup Image Source: With so many products under their banner, it is nearly impossible to pick a few of the favorites. Still, I have cracked my head to compile some of the best Sleek makeup products. Some of them include:

Molten Metal eye shadow: Molten Metal is an insanely pigmented duo cream eye shadow in two metallic shades. The gloriously rich and pigmented colors ignite the eyes in just a few strokes. The formula is smooth and allows easy application. You can apply the shades lightly for just a wash of color and layer it for a more intense look. The staying power is also amazing. The shadow lasts for more than 6 hours without creasing. The product retails $ 10.49.

Eau La La Liner Eau La La liner is a smooth, highly pigmented, rich and budge proof pencil liner, coming in 10 different colors. The eyeliner is ideal for defining the eyes and creating a smoky look. Its creamy texture provides a smooth application and a rich color in just one swipe. It is long lasting as well. The liner lasts for more than 5 hours with just mild smudging around the corners of the eyes. The liner retails $7.49.

Eye Dust The Eye dust eye shadow pots are extremely pigmented lose eye shadows available in a variety of colors. The color pigments are loaded with mica particles, which help to illuminate and highlight the eyes. Apply the Eye Dust as a highlighter on the brow bones to get a dewy and glamorous finish. You can layer the shadow to get a brighter and intense pair of eyes. It is easy to blend formula can help you create a different eye makeup looks in just a few strokes. The product retails $4.49 for 6.5 grams.

Face Form Face form is the ultimate face-contouring product from Sleek. The palette consists of a contour powder, blusher/bronzer and a highlighter. This compact kit comes in several color combinations, designed to suit all skin tones.  Use the product in conjunction with a foundation for a flawless finish. The product retails $14.99.

iDivine in Au Naturel Sleek MakeUP is known for its legendary iDivine palettes. Au Naturel is an everyday palette consisting of an array of matte and shimmery eye shadows. The palate has 12 pigmented, long lasting, mineral-based eye shadows, which can help you get a subtle yet contoured effect for the day, and a gorgeous smoky look for the evening. The shades contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate the eyes, giving you a radiant effect. The Au Naturel Palette costs $ 11.99.

Pout Polish Pout polish is a lip conditioning balm  available in nine vibrant colors. The product is great for adding color to the lips, while protecting it from the harsh environmental conditions. The lip conditioner is formulated with SPF 15 and natural oils like almond oil and Shea butter, which keep the lips well moisturized and hydrated. Make sure you remove the dead skin from the lips prior to applying the product. You can use the fingertips or a brush for applying the product. The products cost $6.99.

Base Duo Kit This is the latest launch by the Sleek MakeUP. The kit contains a moisturizing foundation and pressed powder of two complementary shades. The kit will help you get a flawless skin on- the -go. The foundation blends easily to give a silky and smooth finish. The product is also enriched with vitamin E, which helps to repair the skin. The vitamin E protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This long-wearing product costs $14.99.

True Color Lipstick Sleek True Color lipstick is one of the most popular products from this brand. The lip color comes in a plethora of shades and finishes like matte and sheen. The shades are pigmented and provide true to the bullet color in just one swipe. The smooth and creamy formula of this lipstick glides with ease on the lips. It is enriched with vitamin E, which helps to protect and hydrate the lips. Apply the lipstick on clean lips and blot with a tissue to remove the excess color. The product costs $ 7.49.

Blush by 3: The Blush by three, as the name suggests, is a blush palette with three highly pigmented cheek colors. The palette comes in different color combinations. The shades are highly pigmented and each shade has its own distinctive finish- from rich shimmer to intense matte shades. Each shade can be used alone or can be layered for a burst of color. The kit also has a set in mirror for on-the- go touch up. You can use the shimmery shades to highlight the cheekbone area or the collar bone. The product retails $14.99.

Suede Effect Pressed Powder: This smooth pressed powder is excellent for mattifying the skin. The powder is available in several shades, so you will definitely find one for your skin tone. The formula gives a velvety feel to the skin. Use the compact to set your foundation or apply on bare skin for a light and natural coverage. This long lasting powder will keep your skin matte until the end of the day. It also contains SPF 15, which protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The compact is priced $10.49 for 10.5 grams.

Brow Kit: The Brow Kit by Sleek will frame the face, while giving the eyes an instant lift. The set includes a pigmented wax for shaping the eyebrows, a powder for setting the brows, a mini angled brush, mini tweezers, mini blending brush and a mirror. Apply the pigmented wax using the angled brush to shape and define the brows. Then use the round brush to apply the setting powder and fill in sparse areas of the brows. Pluck away the stray hair using mini tweezers. The product retails $ 12.99.

iDivine in Vintage Romance: Vintage Romance is a beautiful eye shadow palette with a mix of dark, bright and light colors. The palette has nine shimmery shades, 1 completely matte shade and three matte shades with large glitter particles. Almost all the shades are well pigmented and blend easily on the lids. Some of the shades of the palette can also be used for highlighting the brow bone.

Lip 4 Palette I am sure most of you must have heard about the Sleek lip four palettes. They sell like hot pancakes even after years of their launch. Each palette contains four different shades of lipsticks. The shades are a mixture of matte and creamy shades. Some shades can be very creamy so you have to be careful while applying the lipstick. Do not forget to line the lips before applying the lip color. The shades are beautiful and are extremely pigmented. The packaging of the kit is solid and has a small mirror inside it. Each palette consists $13.49 for 5.4 grams product.

Luminaire Highlighting Concealer: Luminaire Highlighting Concealer is a dual product used to conceal the dark circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections. The product comes packed with a brush application, which eases the method of application. The concealer is available in five shades, ranging from light to dark. You will definitely find a suitable shade for your skin tone. The product not just conceals the imperfections, but also brings radiance to the skin. For best results, apply Sleek Be beautiful Blemish Balm before applying the Luminaire Highlighting Concealer to achieve a perfect complexion. The product retails $ 9.99.

Corrector and Concealer: Sleek Corrector and Concealer is the ultimate professional face makeup, containing a corrector, concealer and compact. The corrector helps to neutralize the discoloration and camouflage the dark circles and acne scars. It has an extremely creamy formula that blends completely into the skin. The compact has an SPF of 15, which protects the skin from harsh UV rays of the sun and tanning. The product retails $11.99 for 4.2 grams.