how-to-get-rid-of-stretch-marksHave you been through an experience where you lay your hands on a beautiful, short, sleeveless dress at the mall and then, but put it back down with a feeling of disappointment gripping your mind? A feeling so strong that you kind of hate your body for the way it looks. You cannot wear those kinds of clothes because your stretch marks would show. You are not alone; this is a very common problem among women. We hesitate to flaunt our arms in sleeveless dresses because of stretch marks. We hide our legs in long pants and jeans for the very same reason. Most of us won’t dare to go on the beach donning a bikini.

Stretch marks are a common phenomenon noticed among the women folk. They are purple or pink streaks on the skin that develop during the course of pregnancy, and begin to turn white as time goes by. However, a woman can develop stretch marks due to obesity or drastic fluctuations in weight as well. Certain medications and lotions can kick-start the development of stretch marks. Some girls get stretch marks as they hit puberty, when the hormones are all over the place. Research studies suggest that your genes could also be a reason behind your stripy skin. If your mother has stretch marks, odds are that you will get them too! Stretch marks can develop on the skin of not only the waist and belly, but also the butt, thighs and arms. When the skin expands, the tension affects its texture. As it continues to distend, the cells cannot maintain their shape beyond a certain limit and make way for stretch marks. This happens because the tension tears of the collagen fibres that render the skin its firmness.

Technically, it is really not possible to make the stretch marks disappear altogether. But there are ways to reduce their appearance and enhance the way your skin looks. Getting rid of old stretch marks is tricky, but not unachievable. Keep reading, to know how you can revive the beauty of your skin snowed under with the stretch marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally


Hey Mr. Potato!

Potatoes are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are a boon to your skin. You can extract some potato juice by grating a potato and then squeezing the liquid out of it. Apply this juice on your stretch marks and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can rub a slice of potato directly onto the stretch marks. This remedy is useful to treat stretch marks of tummy, waist, thighs and butt.


Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice!

Sugar is an amazing natural exfoliating ingredient. Lemon is known to do wonders when it comes to skin lightening. It works like a natural bleach and makes the skin fairer and radiant. Loaded with vitamins A, D and E, using olive oil is a great way to moisturize the skin and make it supple. You can make a skin scrub to treat your stretch marks by using these 3 magical ingredients in your kitchen. Combine a spoonful of sugar, some fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Gently massage this scrub onto the stretch marks in circular motions for ten minutes before you step into the shower. Follow this trick for 4 weeks to see your stretch marks fade away.


Water is the Solution!

Technically, water is a compound and a solvent! But it is definitely a solution when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Drinking sufficient water is the first step towards a healthy skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated and pliable. It also accelerates the synthesis of collagen, a protein that keeps our skin firm and prevents it from sagging.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

The Goodness of Aloe Vera

Freshly extracted aloe vera gel is full of antioxidants that help the skin during the healing process. This cactus in your garden works wonders when it comes to lighten newly developed stretch marks. Applying aloe vera gel onto the skin speeds up the healing process and soothes the skin as well. It is a simple and natural way to noticeably reduce new stretch marks, especially on the inner side of the thighs.

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

Vitamin E Oil for Newly Developed Stretch Marks

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, which are known to fight against free-radicals. Free-radicals cause damage to the healthy cells of our body, including those of the skin causing it to age and sag. Vitamin E preserves the youth of the skin by protecting it from the blow of free-radicals, strengthening its collagen fibres. It can be used to prevent stretch marks as well. Vitamin E oil is safe to use during pregnancy. Massage with vitamin E oil on the belly, thighs and butt to prevent the stretchy monsters from haunting your skin! If your stretch marks are pink or purple in color, vitamin E oil is probably the best natural remedy.

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks


Let’s Get Dirty!

This trick is so icky that most women would refuse to try it right away. Egg whites! Yes, rubbing them on your tummy! Don’t make a face yet! Egg whites are rich in protein that is good for your skin. They don’t smell as bad as their yolky yellow counterpart. So crack up a couple of eggs, segregate the egg whites and whisk them up a little. Apply it onto the stretch marks for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Using egg whites twice a day for a few weeks reduces the stretch marks appreciably.

Zinc Deficiency Could Be a Culprit

Zinc deficiency is high among teens and pregnant women. The urge to gorge on burgers and pizzas during one’s teens due to hormonal changes snatches the body of zinc. Similarly, the little angel thriving in a woman’s womb drains their mom’s body of its zinc. Zinc helps the skin to stay healthy even while it stretches, thus preventing stretch marks. Eating foods rich in zinc content help the skin heal faster and make stretch marks disappear quicker. Spinach, almonds, chicken, beef, and oysters have high zinc content. Including these foods in your diet can make your skin look substantially better in little time.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast


Prescription Retinol Creams

Retinol is a type of vitamin A that is used to treat skin conditions, including stretch marks. Retinol creams are to be used only after consulting a physician.  They improve the appearance of skin by several manifolds by lightening the newly developed stretch marks. It isn’t equally effective on old stretch marks, but it does improve the texture of the skin to a considerable extent. However, using such skin creams is a big no during pregnancy or while nursing a baby because it has a potential to affect baby’s physical development.


This is a cosmetic procedure, a non-invasive one, used to correct minor flaws of the skin. The uppermost surface of the skin is polished with certain types of exfoliating crystals. This technique is highly recommended to remove older stretch marks on virtually any part of the body. A tad bit heavy on the pocket, microdermabrasion is a really effective way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cost of the procedure depends upon the area of the body to be treated. Microdermabration has a positive impact on collagen synthesis. It doesn’t cause much discomfort, apart from mild stinging sensation and redness of skin.

Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

Pulsed dye laser treatment is an effective method for reducing the appearance of early stretch marks. It is an exorbitantly expensive procedure and requires several trips to the clinic. It has proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by up to a 75%. The procedure involves a laser pulse that is flashed on the affected skin. It promotes the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that renders our skin its color. Melanin turns the white stretch marks similar to the color of the normal skin, thus making them less obvious. A topical analgesic is used for the comfort of the patient. A slight stinging sensation and reddening of skin is usually experienced, which lasts for a few days. Laser therapy can be used to treat stretch marks on the thighs, arms, tummy, butt and waist.

Laser therapy reduces stretch marks permanently. However, it is so obvious that should you gain weight or get pregnant again, new stretch marks would crop up.

Most of us have accepted stretch marks as a part of ourselves and learned to live with it. But at times, the desire of having a flawless skin like before reignites within our minds. It is entirely up to a woman to choose a course of treatment, depending on her preference, budget and the intensity of her desire to regain her youthful skin. Nevertheless, it depends on our body to accept or resist any treatment, home remedy or a cosmetic procedure. The key is to love your body the way it is. When you feel like dressing up in your favourite outfit, you always have make-up to camouflage the residual flaws.