Turning 50 is the most exciting milestone for a person. Most people relate turning 50 to growing old and nearing death. That’s not the case at all. Turning a half a century does not have to be depressing or melodramatic. Throw an amazing party that the birthday person will not even notice that he turned 50 years. The most important point is that you need to be creative.


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50th birthday party ideas can range from small and private gatherings to the extravagant event with loads of guests. Planning a milestone birthday party is not always stressful. Here is a simple guide to help you plan a 50th birthday party with ease.

1. Gathering Insights:

If figuring out is difficult for you then seek help from birthday person’s friends with whom you are very comfortable sharing personal things. Gathering insights are a smart choice to generate multiple ideas and perspective from different people.

2. Budget:

Before zeroing on the theme, it would be wise for you to consider your budget. Money is the most important factor that you need to consider while preparing for any party. Decide how much you want to spend on the party. Then, divide your budget into section, depending on the amount you want to spend on each area.

3. Theme:

The next thing you need to decide is on the theme. You can select simple decoration or an elaborate theme with costumes. Take the person likes and interests into consideration while planning the party. Does the birthday person have a favorite color or food? Then integrate these simple details to make him special. The decoration and festivities should center on his/her interests.


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4. Party Themes:

There is no age limit to do things that make us happy. You can consider any of the following themes for your birthday party:

  • Beach Party:

One can never be old for a beach party. Who does not love the silky warm sand of the beach and the feeling of being young?

  • Intimate Gathering:

Plan a getaway or rent a house for a celebration with close friends and family. The place should be well stocked with plenty or food and fine for the celebration. If it is not possible for the entire weekend or just for a day. The most important thing is that her/his close friends should participate.

  • A Big Party:

If the birthday celebrant like big and grand parties, then invite friends, family, work colleagues, and then rent a hotel in a great location. Depending on the guest of honor’s preference, arrange a band or a disc jockey and a formal dinner. You can also hold a costume party at the same setting.

  • Trip:

A trip to Atlantic City, Vegas or the Bermuda can also be considered.

  • Memory Lane:

Create a scrapbook with the pictures from the childhood, graduation, wedding day and the first home. Ask your guests to recount their side of the story around the key events and give a small speech about it. Alternatively, you can also rent a projector and make a slideshow of the photos. Ask the friend of the birthday person to emcee this. You can also extend the timeline forward and describe the things that can happen in future.

5. Venue:


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Once you have decided on the theme, consider where you want to have this party. While deciding on the venue, consider how many people will be attending, what activities you want at the party, what the birthday person would like and what kind of setting you want. The options for venues are endless, but it all depends on the kind of party you are throwing and the number of people invited. If you are holding a formal party, then choose banquet hall, country club or hotel as the venue. If you are holding an informal party with just the friends and relatives, then you can host it at the beach, camp, and home and in the backyard.

6. Create A Guest List And Invitation:

After deciding on the budget, theme and location take out some time and write down about the people you would like to attend the party. If the birthday person is planning the party, then it would be easier and if you are throwing the party for someone else, then think of the people with whom the birthday person would like to share his special day. If you have, too many people in your list then go through it and make the necessary cuts.

7. Food:


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After creating the guest list, determine how much food you will need for the party. Decide on the cake and the design a few days before the party. Then consult and decide what foods and drink you would want to serve to your guests. Do not forget alcohol. Decide if you want to serve alcohol as an open bar concept. The birthday menu should serve the guest of honor’s favorites. The menu does not need to be extravagant or fancy. People love to eat comfort food more than the tiny portions of fancy food. You can also hold a barbeque party at your backside. Try personalized beer bottle labels. Your guests will totally love it.

8. Decorations:


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As for the decoration, choose the ones that work with the theme. You can also pick decorations with 50s on them.  You can consider hanging a personalized photo banner of the guest of honor or create a timeline on the wall with the key events. Do not forget the pictures. Helium balloons make a fun decoration. You can also consider matching paper products for an informal themed party.

9. Party Favors:

Memories are always the best souvenir, but it is fun to have a great party favor too. Choose the favor based on the theme of the party. If you are having a music themed party, then send some custom CD with the birthday celebrant’s favorite to your guest’s home.

10. Games And Activities:

Party games and activities depend entirely upon the location. Choose the games that match the personality of the birthday person and their group of friends. Some common options include:

  • Recall:

Ask the guests to fill out a questionnaire that contains questions like “Your favorite memory of a person having the birthday? Alternatively, “The most embarrassing thing I saw him/her do”. An emcee will share the answers during the party.

  • Celebrate the past:

This game will take the guest of honor on a trip down to the memory lane. Look out for all the people from the birthday person’s past and ask him to send a letter or a video message. Then show or read these as a part of the festivities.

Musical Games:

Music related games can never go out of trend.  The musical games should center on the decade the person was born.

  • Karaoke:

Karaoke is an excellent activity for a birthday party. Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and select a list of songs for your guests and the birthday person to sing.

  • Name that tune:

Name that Tune is a game where the players get three chances to guess the tune played on the music system.

  • Spin The Microphone:

Spin the microphone involves sitting or standing in a circle and spinning a microphone in the center. The person on whom the microphone lands must sing the first lyric of the designated song.

  • Themed Musical Games:

If a party has a theme, then create musical games that align with the theme. If a party has a 1970s theme, then the guests can play karaoke featuring disco songs from the 70s.

11. Create A Shopping List:

Sit down and write down all the things you need for the party, including the gifts and goodies. Make sure the gifts and goodies are within your budget. Games, food, drink, decoration, supplies and party favors are the things you need to consider while shopping.

12. Invitation:


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Your invitation should match the theme of the party. People these days prefer to end the invitation via the internet or other social media outlets, but the old fashioned, hard copy invites still make the best impression. It is also believed that hand delivering of the invitation cards will get a larger percentage of people attending the party. Make sure you describe the theme of the party to the invitees. Also, mention if children are allowed at the party or not. If you want a big crowd, then attach a special item to the invitation. This will make it stand out and will create a buzz about the party.

These ideas will help you plan a birthday party that everyone will remember. If you are throwing the party for yourself then don’t worry about others and choose a celebration that will be meaningful to you. If you are throwing the party for someone else, consider, and plan what the guest of honor will like the most and then plan accordingly. You just need to make the person feel as special as possible.

Do not try to manage the entire party all you. You will be so tired that you will not be able to enjoy the party. Divide the work among the members of the family.